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Carpal Tunnel Syndrom – 13.05.2008, Tuesday

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome attacked me without warning on Tuesday nite and the pain was excruciating. At first it was like having wind in my body but it was so painful everytime I moved that I know for sure it was not just wind and can’t be rid off by just simply rubbing ointment along the the arm and joints.

I tried to press on my shoulder  joint and the pain turned into a dull throbbing until I wake up about an hour or so wondering what’s going on? Then the pain hit me again, I’ve moved a minute inch which sent a shooting pain through out my right arm. I groaned thinking that I went to hell.

I realised that this must be the joint pain that most mothers and Dr. Supa have warned me earlier. The remedy that they prescribed was calcium tablets. So I took 1 after dinner and another one before sleeping. Yet the pain still presists. The pain became more accute because it started to rain heavily the whole day in Bangkok and the cold seeped into my bones with no mercy.

I was desperate for more effective pain relievers answers so I searched thru babycenter.com for its community Q&A and found out that a wrist braces and elevation can help. It was too late in the evening to go out in search for a pharmacy so I made a homemade wrist brace with the help of hubby Phillip, and it looked like in the photo below: 


It worked like a dream. The pieces are 1 wooden disposable chopstick broken into half, a laundry bag and a nametag necklace as a binder. I rolled the laundry bag around my wrist using the chopsticks as a brace and the necklace as a rope to secure the band tightly. I then elevated my hand on a small pillow and my legs on a big cushion. I slept like a baby last night and felt so refreshed the next morning.
To all mothers out there, good luck in finding your remedies and do not hesitate to search thru the community Q&A sections because there are very practical answers there which we can use to our advantage.
Good luck!