21 June, 2014 00:57

These pixs were taken on the same day, different time and grandparent in our June 2014 holiday in Kota Kinabalu.


21 June, 2014 00:54

Made this dress with pieces of materials and glue gun. She asked me whether she can swim with the costume. 😉

1 May, 2014 00:00

At 6 and a half months Baby Jr now holds his milk bottle all by himself. Thanks to big sister Apsara. Before this he refused the bottle and I have to feed him solids starting 5 months old.

When moing came to visit for 9 days BJ cried almost every waking hour which we think its because he was hungry.

Moing thought that BJ didn’t like her. Poor thing. He was just hungry and didn’t know how to tell us…..

17 August, 2013 12:57

Its not because I don’t wana write about this pregnancy but I’ve had so many ups and downs I worry that I would only write bout the hard stuff n forget bout the good stuff. Just saw Dr. Ang just now and hesaid baby have turned! !! I delivered Apsie when am 37 weeks and it looks like our baby boy is on track to delivery….
Have talked to doc bout epidural n what procedures for delivery in Subang Jaya Medical Center (SDMC) n it looks like there is nothing to it. I just need to turn up when first pain, water break or anything else that are symptoms of delivery shows. The labour ward is open 24/7 with a deposit of RM5000. Room n board can be requested but subject to availability. One thing happened during this pregnancy was tat my OB/gynae Dr. Delaila Ahmad was robbed n sustained injury that prevented her from being my Doc at 28 weeks. I had to change to a male doc at SDMC coz all the female doc are fully booked up to August!!! To be continued. ..

Pregnancy 2013

Baby at 15 weeks

Well yesterday’s visit to the doc shows a promising baby ‘boy’ is in the horizon but its too early to confirm as of yet. Here he/she is sucking her thumb. If it is confirmed I guess the Shettles method of conceiving is accurate and worthy of every mother-to-be(s) attention especially if you want to have a specific gender baby – in my case a baby boy to complete my complete family hahahahaha…..

Here’s what I can remember of my journey in the first trimester which I said goodbye to last week since I am now in my 15th week (officially into the second trimester). I remember the period as being sick like a dog, the feeling of dying comes into mind and why oh why did I get pregnant groan, sigh, cry and etc….. other than tat at least I can sleep on and off for 16 hours on the coach in the hottest days – March + April on our dark brown comfy but sauna of a sofabed downstairs at our living room in Subang Jaya, Selangor.

Secondly but most importantly I sleep in a futon single bed bought from Ikea December last year. Previously (before pregnancy) it is so soft that I felt it was really uncomfortable but with a bulging tummy and very hard-to-get-comfortable sleeping position its the perfect bed for me. It does not push my tummy out as a hard mattress would. Imagine sleeping in a position where your tummy is pushed out and pressing your insides towards the rib cage, the nausea you feel is excruciating and will only fade away after everything is processed which takes about 2 hours!

Dehydration. Drink 100 plus, Gatorade drink or orange flavored ORS (oral rehydration salt). It really helps! I remember during Aps’ pregnancy, I just laughed at the ORS given to me by hospital. Not realising that it is a life saver. If you get chills running down your spine and shivering in hot sunny days with no reason during pregnancy, the chances are you are dehydrated! If you think gassy drinks are not for pregnant women you are right! What i did was I opened the can drink 1 nite earlier, put it in a fridge and sip when I feel the chills are coming. I tell you, the relief is almost instant! Water is just not enough!

At the very first I tot eating red ginger pickle which we can buy ready packed from 7 Eleven shops helps a lot, it helps a little. I only found out about 100plus when hubby bought me the drink by accident which I drank coz of cool-drink-emergency. Accidents can sometimes be unexpected signs for good solutions or so I say 😉

Fruits! I love pears and plums now but it does not help with the hunger pangs! in fact it just make you feel gassier and hungrier!!! Am sticking to having fruits only after food, to wash of any garlic or strong tasting food.

Rosemary! OMG! I suffered like a whole night after eating a plate of spaghetti meatballs at Alexis, Gardens Mall last March! Apparently they put rosemary in their seasoning and I felt like my tummy and body was ready to explode!!! Rosemary is toxic to pregnant women, even the smell is toxic. Gah! I only knew this after coming back from the dead the next morning so to speak. I searched and searched thru the internet on what is wrong coz I just can’t believe a plate of spaghetti can give me such bad effect, low & behold – rosemary is the culprit.

Well, tat’s all I can remember at this point of time. Am not sure whether there’s more but my next post will be about my second trimester which started out with a bang with carpal tunnel syndrom. It attacked both my right knee and left wrist. But tats a whole new story. tune in to my next post!!!

17 March, 2013 07:29

Mummy have a baby in her tummy!!! I have too. I name her Sonic like Sonic the Hedgehog; )

There are times that mum wanted to vomit but she never did it yet and it makes me confused between burping n vomiting myself.

Now I just tell mum I need to puke and there she goes running to the toilet to get me a pail. Hehehe… sometimes mums can be very funny.

Oh did you see my siblings first photo in mummy’s tummy? That is taken when it is 6 weeks and 2 days old. It looks like a bean at the moment but doc said its heartbeat is beating twice as fast as the beating of normal humanbeing.

I was with mum in the doc’s room while dad was on the phone outside the clinic.

Anyway he was complaining tat waiting for the doc was too long. It was in fact 1 hour waiting time. N mum was no. 10 in the waiting list.

Told mum that she did a good job after the examination. Doc did a tummy scan but she can’t see the baby so she changed to a bagina scan and yes we saw the baby! Frustratingly the monitor was too high so I can’t see it but mum let me hold the pix later so it was ok.

The baby is form further from mum’s tummy n nearer to her backside so mum’s back will have a hard time carrying the baby. Doc said a lot of women have the same thing and mum could have 8 children with tat condition so there’s nothing to worry bout.

More updates next month. Until then…..


She said…. Have waited a couple of years for Aps to color within the lines but am well rewarded. Now at 4 yrs and 3 months not only shes coloring within the lines shes also using rainbow colors with pink as her most favorite color;)